Dandy Chocolatier Franchise Network System

Pre – Opening support :

1-Dandy Chocolatier works with you “hand in hand” to determine the scope and size and potential of our Dandy Chocolatier concept In your country as you conduct your feasibility study. And how our concept will be of great value. The result will help us determine the scope, size, and potential for the Dandy Chocolatier business in your country,

2-Dandy Chocolatier helps you with ‘ Site Selection” to identify key prime locations to fit the Dandy Chocolatier module, concepts and coordinates with your local contractor during the implementation process.

3-Dandy Chocolatier helps you with entire Dandy Chocolatier Outlet Design, which includes the Showroom, and coordinates work with our interior designers and your national contractors to implement the design for the selected location.

4-Dandy Chocolatier assists you to select the best Human Resources team qualified personnel and train them to be up to the required standards as per our Training Manuals.

5-Dandy Chocolatier will provide you with the most up to date comprehensive Operations and Training Manuals which are in both Arabic and English languages. This will be the core of the business, and we help you monitor and manage the day-to-day operations and quality control systems .

6-Dandy Chocolatier provides orientation Training sessions by our experienced team in our headquarters in Lebanon and on-site training at your own premises for all key personnel..

7-Dandy Chocolatier provides you with a comprehensive Brand Identity package which includes the design and packaging of all the initial printing materials ranging from packaging, print collaterals, signs, in-house advertising uniforms etc..

8-Dandy Chocolatier will assist you with the selection of specified Equipment for all three components , showroom, kitchen and bakery as well as a list of approved suppliers..

9-Dandy Chocolatier provide you with the Technical Training, software to implement our P.O.S system linked to our Headquarters in Lebanon which is essential to monitor the sales, expenses, costs and other relevant figures to ensure the success of your franchise branch.

Post Opening Support: during and after the GRAND OPENING

1-Dandy online support will provide Franchise support through a link between your offices and our offices to ensure that we are constantly online and if needed, we will be just a phone call away.

2-Dandy will provide you with onsite and job support : our project coordinator will be onsite during the implementa-tion of the Dandy Chocolatier branch and will remain with you for 20 days after the Grand Opening to ensure a smooth start up for your franchise.

3-Dandy will provide periodic visits by our quality control auditors to ensure the standards are met and will provide essential evaluations.

4-Dandy will provide you with the marketing guidance for your benefit from our in-house promotions and regional marketing plans.

5-Dandy will provide additional periodic training sessions for new products or services to be added to our enriched menu.

6- Dandy will assist you with Future Expansions and will update you with our expansion plans for the future.

7. Dandy will assist you all through the period of the franchise agreement and will always ensure that you are treated as a family member of our Dandy Chocolatier Franchise worldwide network.

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