Dandy Chocolatier becomes a franchisor and goes international

Our modest success has been due to a clear vision based on strategic planning, timely execution and determination to perform our best at all times in all areas. Today we eagerly continue pursuing the Franchising concept because this is the best way for expansion, allowing others to join our network, thus becoming the business formula of the new century. Our company goals are clear and shared by all of our staff considered to be team members. Our staff represents our biggest asset and is trained to meet our standards of customer satisfaction at all times. At Dandy, we believe in providing the highest quality of chocolate, confectionary, ice Cream, gift items and accessories. Our secret is in the way we choose our raw materials, our extensive Dandy craftsmanship and exclusive designs, which lead us to special collections, and a unique display presentation. Our commitment to quality has generated our customer's loyalty from generation to generation.

To simplify the process, we have developed the franchise kit

No Preservatives

Dandy made a commitment to its customers to always provide them with the finest chocolate, confectionery, and ice cream using the best and natural ingredients.

Shipping safely guarantee

A few questions that can come up include, will my chocolate melt in the mail? How do I keep my candies safe? Or the big question – will my chocolate arrive in time?

Dandy's Values

At Dandy, we are committed to preserve and even take further the momentum we built as to craftsmanship, quality, and safety. We know we cannot overdo it as to your safety, and this is why one of the owners has made a point of becoming a food safety consultant.

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